Capabilities Statement

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Criminal Case Consultants, Inc. provides forensic expert analysis and opinion on coercive police interrogation techniques and coercive witness & victim interviews. We provide clients with consulting services for criminal cases followed by comprehensive forensic reports and expert testimony in court if required. Brian Leslie, a coercive interrogation & interview techniques expert, has over 15 years of previous law enforcement experience which includes major case investigation and specialized training, as well as a term serving as Chief of Police. Mr. Leslie expertise is available to both the defense teams, public defenders offices and the Department of Justice prosecutors.

Criminal Case Consultants, Inc. provides services in criminal cases exclusively in the United States. We supply a complete curriculum vitae upon request which details past cases, training, and references. We seek short and long-term contracts either on a case-by-case or a multi-case basis.

Core Competencies
Brian Leslie, a coercive interrogation & interview techniques expert, has testified and been accepted in court as an expert in the United States. His testimony has been critical in educating juries on how specific techniques used by law enforcement can be responsible for an innocent person providing a false confession. Mr. Leslie’s analysis can also be used to confirm proper conduct, and questioning by law enforcement was used relating to interrogation and interviews. These confirmations can be an advantage to criminal prosecutors when the defense team is alleging specific conduct.